Karst goes Carbon Neutral

We're all about making an impact... A positive one, that is. That's why we're proud to partner with Carbon Neutral

We at Karst have always tried to do our part to make sure our environmental impact is minimised. We use carbon neutral delivery services in Australia, solar energy in production, and we also plant a tree for every notebook sold. But we felt that wasn't enough. Businesses have carbon footprints many times bigger than individuals so we we need to know that we are putting back exactly what we take out. 


Carbon Cycle Karst stone Paper - Shopify

Why are we going Carbon Neutral?

Everything we do can leave a carbon footprint. It’s important to remember that every single thing we do is has an impact on someone or something. There is a need to start thinking in much longer time scales, and we to have more awareness the impact we have even after we're long gone, whether that's positive or negative.


Karst | Conservation Carbon Footprint


Our team is passionate about inspiring others to do more and create more, but not at the expense of the planet. To us, it’s important to remember that every single thing we do is has an impact on someone or something. For us at Karst, this includes the carbon emissions involved in delivery, production, and even the elevator we ride at the office! But don't worry, we prefer to take the stairs!


Karst | Conservation
Get to know our first project

We’ll be partnering with Carbon Neutral to invest in emissions reduction projects that work to capture and store carbon. With Carbon Neutral, we’ll be helping projects all over the globe but since we're an Australian company, we wanted our first big project to help the place we call home: Our first project is in the Yarra Yarra Corridor, Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink. (We know, that’s a lot of big words!)