You NEED this waterproof journal. Here's why:

What is the advantage of having a waterproof journal?

Whether you are a creative, corporate, traveler, or beach lover, the best way to organize, reflect, vent, and ideate is to do it with pen and paper. Our waterproof journals are loved by all -- those who use Karst's stone paper journals have less worry about unexpected incidents that might ruin their notes and ideas -- there's nothing like an accidental coffee spill to ruin your mojo.



Countless customer reviews have expressed that they are more confident to travel with our stone paper journal because they can write down their thoughts anytime and anywhere.

Karst's stone paper is durable, waterproof, tear-resistant and doesn't get affected by grease or dirt, unlike traditional pulp paper. A simple wipe down by a damp cloth, and a few seconds of waiting will ensure your journals stay cute and clean. 

Anyone can take advantage of its superior qualities but is highly recommended for people who do outdoor activities and or often work outside the office. Karst's stone paper notebooks are great for:

Meat butchers
Beach and Nature lovers
Coast Guards
Swimming Coaches

Check out some of our most popular products:

Pocket Journal (4.1 x 5.5") - $11.95 USD

Our A6 notebook will become your most trusted companion when giving in to your wanderlust. The soft, flexible cover allows it to conform to the nooks and crannies of your bags or fit comfortably in your pocket. The waterproof and tear-resistant pages let you jot down your ideas and musings in even the most precarious circumstances. Whether you take it to the beach, jungle, home or office, your ideas will remain safe inside. 

A5 Hardcover Notebook (5.8 x 8.3") - $29 USD

We never leave home without this stone paper notebook. Its waterproof cover and pages keep it pristine through rushed early-morning coffee runs. The smooth texture of the pages and flat-lay binding provide ample comfort and writing space for your notes and ideas. This is the perfect low-tech companion to your high-tech devices.

A5 Notepad (5.8 x 8.3") - $18 USD
A4 Notepad (8.3 x 11.7") - $22 USD

Flawlessly designed, these top flip stone paper notepads are the perfect size for conveniently recording meeting minutes and to-do’s on-the-go. Made with our unique full-length soft-touch stone paper cover, it protects your important notes when closed but easily folds over the top of the pad when in use. With a stiff covered backing and a durable exterior, this notepad is easy to use whether you’re at the desk or handheld. 

A5 Sketchbook (8.1 x 9.8") - $30 USD

Equipped with 240gsm thick, bright and waterproof pages, this is the most versatile sketchpad you’ll ever use. Our unique stone paper allows you to practice your charcoal techniques on one page, and layer watercolours on the next without worrying about bleeding through. Bound with a luxurious, durable vegan leather cover that protects your drawings for storage. Each sheet tears out in one smooth, fluid motion, giving each of your pieces the potential to become a gift or a display piece. Get creative with new mediums and bring out your inner artist.

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