The Best Stone Paper Notebook For Your Personality Type

Everyone on the Karst Team has a wildly different personality and funny enough we each have a different favourite notebook. After speaking to customers around the world, we've noticed that different notebooks tend to go with different personalities! Here's Karst's guide to finding the perfect notebook for you according to your temperament, interests, and habits.

Stone Paper Notebook



The Doodling Planner

Are you someone who is extremely creative, but likes a bit of structure? You get great joy from planning, and you like things to look pretty, even when no one else will get to enjoy them. Are you the type who doesn't mind putting forth the time and effort to make sure all your plans and priorities are solid, and you're not one to break a commitment once you've made a promise? The Desert Dot Grid Hardcover notebook is just for you! With a little pop of color for some fun, but still offering all the potential (and more!) of any other bullet journal.

The List Crusher

You like to plan, plan, plan. But the execution of your tasks is more important than the presentation. For you, a notebook is simply a place to list all the tasks you've crushed. There's really no rhyme or reason to the content of your notebook, except that you like to cross them out when you're done. Our Stone or Navy Lined Hardcover is perfect for you, with enough pages to hold together months and months of your accomplishments, and sturdy enough to smash the goals you have in store for yourself.

The Compulsive Journaler

For a compulsive journaler who finds themselves writing wherever and whenever, you need something flexible but big enough to hold all the many pages of stories, anecdotes and ideas you come up with throughout the day. For the compulsive journaler a Softcover Slate or Navy Lined Notebook will be perfect! Flexible so that it can easily be chucked into the nooks and crannies of a bag, but a dark colour so that still appropriate to bring to more corporate type meetings.

The Hurried Journalist

You're always on the go, don't like to carry much junk in your bag or pack, and adamant about keeping your notes away from apps and notifications. You always feel like you're receiving inspiration from all around you so you need a portable but durable notebook for all the weather conditions you'll face when chasing a lead. For you, any Pocket Journal will fit the bill. You might even want to keep a few different colors to for all the types of notes you take.

The Consummate Artist

Slightly different from a doodler, you like to sketch, draw and paint. You want a notebook that can handle a simple pencil sketch, as well as acrylic and oil paint, so you don't have to pug around all the sketchbooks you'd need to accommodate different mediums. For you, our Blank Desert Hardcover is perfect. Pages are not absorbent so you can paint all you want, but the pages are also not so thick that you feel you're wasting a precious surface when opting for a simple sketch. 


What notebook fits your personality? Comment below! 


  • Branwen Drew

    For atists, you might want to engineer a paper that can absorb watercolor for adhesion to the surface. This will give a different surface for the artiwt.

  • James

    I’m a hurried journalist! Wondering what others are.. ✌️👍

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