Talking to your child about COVID-19

In this time when kids are curious about why they need to stay 1 meter away from others, why they need to wash their hands regularly, and why they must use hand sanitiser so often when they are out, it is important that parents have a creative and engaging way of explaining so that kids continue good hygiene habits. 

We’ve found an easy experiment to demonstrate why washing with soap is important for everyone. 

Pepper and Soap Experiment

This is one of the best ways to explain to kids the importance of washing their hands with soap. Many kids might think rinsing their hands is sufficient to keep them clean. Here's how to show them otherwise:

You’ll need water in a shallow plate, pepper to float in the water, and liquid soap. 

Ask your child to imagine that the pepper is germs or viruses that stick to our hands and other surfaces. Germs are things that we can't see but can still get into our bodies and harm us. Like when lemon juice dries on the fingers, they can't see it, but if they lick their fingers, it will still taste sour.

Ask her to dip her dry finger into the plate with water and pepper. The pepper will stick to her finger. These are the unseen germs that stick to us when we touch any surface.

Now ask her to cover her dirty finger with liquid soap then dip it again into the water with pepper. She'll be amazed at what happens.

Since pepper floats on top of the water, once the liquid soap is introduced, the surface tension is lowered and pushes the floating pepper to the outer part of the plate. Now, your kids will definitely remember the importance of washing their hands with soap.

Explain that the germs that are eliminated with soap can also be eliminated with Hand Sanitiser, when water isn't available. 

A few other things to keep in mind: 

As adults, we are responsible for taking care of our children and making them fully understand the current situation. Let’s do our part and set a good example to them. 

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