Be Proactive!

Be Proactive
This November is all about being proactive! As the year draws to a close, there are undoubtedly things we’ve planned to accomplish that we may not have started on. While November is definitely toward the latter end of the year, taking the time to accomplish these tasks now is by no means “last minute”. We can even think ahead to the new year and set up, plan, and organise ourselves for new goals.

Even for those of us who are on track for our goals for the year, doing small tasks in advance plays a huge part in creating peace of mind and unhurriedness that we can all appreciate. Small things like setting aside your clothes for the following day, packing lunch in advance, or meal prepping your meals for the week proactively anticipate one’s own recurring needs so that we can operate with almost choreographed smoothness.

There are ways to be proactive in our relationships, not just in our morning routine. In work, there may be a colleague with which you don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye. Or maybe it is someone else, but nonetheless, there are probably a few conversations in your life that need to be had but have been put off. Maybe it is with a loved one. Take this month to be the person who reaches our first, especially in time for Thanksgiving. By reaching out first, you can address the issues at hand while also obviating the inevitable complications when we let something fester.

As we get closer to the end of the year, pick a few things that you tend to avoid, and commit to being someone that doesn’t let these things sway in the wind. Not only will these tasks actually get done, but you’ll be able to get the additional satisfaction and pride of knowing you overcame one of your common hurdles.

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