May Thoughts: Big Thinking for Big Results

This May, we practice thinking big. We spent some time last month evaluating our expectations for ourselves, but it’s likely that your expectations were quite moderate. This month we dare to expect the impossible from ourselves, because only then are we able to approach something amazing. 

Whenever we set a goal for ourselves, ask yourself why that particular goal. If the goal is to raise X amount of money, why not 5 times more? If it is to learn to do a push up, why not 5? Most of the goals we set are a vague but achievable manifestation of that goal. But why not set our standards ridiculously high so that even if we fail, we fail better than we would have achieved with lower expectations. 

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When we think big, we set ourselves up to fail better because we require ourselves to try harder, focus better, work smarter. While thinking big may set ourselves up to fail, we also set ourselves up for bigger wins. And in the end, thinking big is not that foreign. When we were young and unencumbered with the details of work and money, we strived to become astronauts, presidents, Oscar-winning actresses, and athletes. Along the way, someone teaches us to rein in our ambition and in the end, only a few of us became those things. But what if we were never taught to temper our ambition? While there is indeed a finite number of presidents possible, a society in which many people are just as qualified and capable of serving as president is nothing to balk at. 

Let’s reevaluate the vision we set for ourselves in January and apply a childlike wonder and ambition to it. What will your goals look like then? And do they somehow still seem achievable? Then why wouldn’t these become your new goals?

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