May: Big, Bigger, BIGGEST

It’s almost the middle of the year! This is a great time to take stock of what our goals and vision were at the beginning of the year and see where we stand now. It’s possible we are feeling a little behind, or are completely on target, or realised that our wants and needs have changed completely. Whatever the case may be, now is a great time to dare to think big! 

If you’re completely on target, then challenge yourself. What more can you aim to accomplish? What other areas of your life can you set new goals for?

If you’re behind, what new motivators do you need? Sometimes we’re behind because we’re not inspired by our goals. Maybe daring to think even bigger will give you that extra push you need.

If something major has changed and the vision and goals you’d originally set seem inappropriate given the new circumstances, take this time to recenter yourself. Even though it’s the middle of the year, there’s still plenty of time to get going on new goals.

We on the Karst Team often find ourselves singularly focusing on work and less on the more whimsical joys of life. So for us, we will be taking this month as an opportunity to set more ambitious goals in our musical development. Many of us play instruments but don’t devote as much time as we’d like. Stay tuned, because we will be mastering a piano concerto and learning an entire album on the guitar…

This month's list consists of things that make us smile and totally inspire us to think bigger:

Stone Paper Notebooks from Karst

Check out Jessica Kellgren-Fozard's Youtube Channel! She covers literally everything and anything on her vlog, from recipes to fashion to chronic illness and hearing disabilities. Her upbeat attitude and polished videos are a joy.

The power, spunk, professionalism, and technique of this tiny 5 year old is crazy! Many of you have probably already seen his impeccable Bruce Lee imitation, but it will still blow your mind.

The little boy is obviously a prodigy but that doesn't mean you can't pick up and master a skill as an adult. Since we mentioned music earlier, we couldn't not include Albert Frantz's rendition of Franz Liszt's Transcendental Etude "Feux follets". Unlike most virtuoso musicians who begin musical study before age 8, Albert began at the ripe old age of 17. He's also an experienced speaker at many TEDx events.

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