Karst's top conscious picks for March!

The Karst team is always sharing amongst ourselves products and brands that inspire us. We thought it only made sense to share with the Karst community! These are our top picks for sites and resources we turn to for the latest in sustainable and interesting new products.


Check out one of our favourite Instagram pages and sites, known as Thingtesting. Jenny Gyllander is the mind behind the magic, giving honest, thoughtful reviews both from a consumer perspective and a VC perspective. Like the Karst team, she is a fan of small details that make people smile and a listener of podcasts galore.

While we're obviously a fan of waterproof paper, sometimes we need paper to be absorbent. Especially for our bums. That's why we've made an exception for Who Gives A Crap, because it's toilet paper that builds toilets. Founded in Australia (just like us!), the team at Who Gives A Crap is all about tackling serious matters with humour, but no less effectively. 

Forage and Sustain

Another favourite resource is known as Forage and Sustain. Arti Jalan takes you on her journey toward living a more sustainable life, along all the highs and lows of learning to consume more consciously. If you’re a fan of newsletters, sign up for this one. Always full of thoughtful gems and hidden treasures.

One last brand (only for this post!) we love is Naadam. As the weather has been quite cool in Sydney the past few days, many of us have been thinking about acquiring more warm clothing. Unfortunately, warm clothing tends to be more expensive than the thin summer wear we’ve been used to, and this incentivises fast fashion houses to use more synthetic fibres that fall apart easily and end up living 99% of their lives in landfills. Why not pick up a long lasting, natural garment that fairly compensates herders and supports nonprofit work? How could we forget to mention, that Mongolian cashmere is the softest in the world…

Check back to our blog next month for more recommendations! We'll be releasing our tops picks of the month every month from now on! Hope you enjoyed!

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