How to Use the Karst 2018 Weekly Planner

2017 is officially behind us and the first week of January has passed in a flash. Although January 1 was just another day, we can’t deny the mental shift a change in the calendar year brings. Starting this month, we at Karst begin a new journey with the entire Karst Community.

We've taken the best of goal-setting and self-improvement planners and meshed them with the simplicity of our original notebooks, to create the Karst 2018 Weekly Planner. It asks just enough questions to keep us reflective and gives more than enough room to help organise our thoughts and schedules.

Karst stone paper planner

You’ll see that each month of 2018 has been dedicated to a theme or focus point, broad enough to give everyone the flexibility to adopt a meaning that fits them and narrow enough to guide us through each month with an extra push. We will be posting resources related to each focus point, and sharing our experiences and goals as each month comes along.

Karst stone paper planner weekly focus

We at Karst took great care to envision the various changes that occur throughout the year, and meticulously picked our monthly focus points to occur as a specific sequence to foster a great new year ahead. Every month begins with a little note from us and a few questions, to prime some thoughtfulness and reflection. 

Karst stone paper planner weekly focus

We encourage everyone to have a focus or goal for each week. These can be inspired by the monthly theme, or more catered to your particular needs at that particular time. Some weeks our priorities might be very career oriented and other weeks they might be extremely cheesy. We may need to remind ourselves: "no electronics before bed," or "complete project proposal," or "practice random acts of kindness every day."

The weekly layout is for your appointments, reminders, to-do lists, random thoughts, coffee stains, stickers, doodles. Fill the planner up as you please. There are even blank pages in the back if you're struck with inspiration on-the-go. But don't forget to take a second to think about the weekly review questions, which are the same for every week. 

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Ultimately, there's no right or wrong way to fill up your Karst Planner. Don't be shy about sharing your way with us. Check out @karst.stonepaper and #karstplanner #karststonepaper to see what other members of the Karst Community are up to.




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