Find Balance by Reassessing Relationships

For the goal this August, we work toward Finding Balance in all the things we do. This may be the hardest goal throughout this year as Balance is a never-ending, constant activity. This is because every person has multiple aspects of their life—a personal life, private life, social life, work life, and more. Each may be key to our sense of fulfilment but not necessarily needed in the same doses. And these doses may change as our lives change, or even more rapidly through the course of the week.

Keeping in touch with your emotional and physical needs is important in knowing what we need at any given time. Therefore, it’s important to give ourselves small moments in which to reflect—yet another thing to balance into our busy schedules! See, balance can be difficult.

While the greater goal of this month is to find balance, a large step for many is making sure to give room in ourselves to find it in the first place. This may begin with cutting out the negative, and secondly assessing whether we are bringing undue negativity into our lives on our own. Sometimes it may be hard to admit, but we’ll come out stronger on the other side.

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Okay, we're going to get a little serious now. 

One aspect of balance we want to specifically explore this month are the relationships in our lives. Do you know anyone who does not make you feel respected, or feel bad or guilty in any way? This might be a toxic relationship.

Like toxic waste, these need to be quarantined, and disposed of. Without cutting off toxic relationships, no amount of fulfilling activities or goals will make us feel complete. We should not feel like this is our fault, either. Biologically, negative stimuli have taken up more of our attention because these have been the things that can kill us, so naturally we focus on negative experiences more. So in order for these not to take up too much of our attention and energy, we must cut them out altogether. It may be difficult in the moment, but in the long run it will be worth the trouble, just like excising a cancerous tumour.

Another type of toxic relationship may be someone that doesn’t make you feel bad necessarily, but maybe encourages you to be negative toward other people. We all have our faults, and especially if we’ve gone through high school know that everyone has a little bit of a gossipy and juvenile side. Making sure to identify the relationships that cause us to be more negative, if not feel more negative is important as well. Think of this as making sure you yourself don’t become a toxic person.


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