Create Vision, Set Intentions

We’re in the thick of it, folks. It’s a new year and as much as we try to act like the cliché “New Year, New Me” sentiments don’t matter, everyone wants to be better. (And it doesn’t help that all the memes in the first week of January are all about this.) That’s pretty much the crux of the anguish of the human condition, isn’t it?

That being said, life doesn’t have to be as hard as we sometimes make it. Sometimes, all we need is some proper planning. That’s why the Karst theme for January is Create Vision. This month, we’re gonna take it nice and easy and spend all of it thinking about and understanding exactly what we want, what our goals are, and what values these reflect. We need to be clear about why we want what we want, in order to even begin to approach accomplishing anything.

If you're having trouble creating a vision for yourself, ask questions that give you a direction: What are my values? What am I passionate about? What do I want the future to look like? If you're having trouble with this, then work in the other direction. List the things you want, and ask your self why you want them, and then keep asking why. For example, many of us want to eat healthier. Why? Because we want to be healthier... because we want to live longer... to spend more fulfilling quality time with our loved ones.

The answers to these questions can be more general and holistic, or can be catered for each aspect of your life—family, career, health, relationships. However you choose to apply this month's theme, it's important to start off the new year with goals that are in line with your vision. Vision works in two directions: it helps us remember why our simple tasks are worthwhile, and also helps us narrow down which responsibilities to take on when we're given many options. 

Stone Paper Notebooks from Karst

Take this month to plan a measured an enjoyable way to accomplish your goals. So here’s some things to ponder, ruminate on, etc:

Do you want to begin cooking for yourself more often in 2019? While Samin Nosrat isn't exactly the healthiest chef, her approach to cooking may be an interesting way for you to try new recipes and cuisines. Listen to her interview with Sam Sanders where she talks about how much she loves frozen Trader Joe's food. Or watch an episode every week of her Netflix show "Salt Fat Acid Heat" and use it to inspire your cooking!

If another one of your New Year's Resolutions is to be more mindful and present, food is a great place to start. Sit and have a meal that you've cooked while paying full attention to the textures and flavors. Imagine you are a food critic and note down all the aspects of your meal that you notice. Chances are, you'll eat less, feel more satisfied, and enjoy the experience much more. 

Do you want to read more books in 2019? Recently, we heard about the concept of “anti-fragility.” It’s refers to things that actually become STRONGER when faced with disorder or shock. Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder: Nassim Nicholas Taleb speaks to the phenomenon in a scientific way, describing systems that behave with “anti fragility.” Definitely an interesting read, and something to ponder as we humans face problems throughout this year.

Plan to spend less time with your eyes on a screen through more auditory media. The latest episode of the ID10T Podcast with Chris Hardwick is an interview with Ryan Holiday, where they discuss healthy media consumption, joy and happiness with regard to work, and lots of other stuff! Give it a listen and pay attention to where your thoughts go when they talk about work and process. Might be an insight into your own goals.

Any resources that inspire you? Share them with us in a comment below or through social media! 

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