Best Productivity Tips for Working From Home

We did an office poll and have the Karst Team's best tips for productivity when working at home!


Stone Paper Notebooks from Karst
  • Sit (or stand) somewhere rigid. Home obviously gives us a homey feeling more than other places, so stand or sit on a harder surface to keep yourself in work mode. Stay away from the couch or from bed!
  • Get showered and dressed as if it's a normal day. Even if your commute is 5 steps from your bedroom, treat it as a commute and make sure you're ready for the day like you're going out. Do your makeup, put on your shoes, put on your contact lenses. Putting shoes on that you need to lace up or heels are a great way to keep you away from bed (and Netflix)
  • Set a schedule for home tasks and meals. It's easy to snack all day since you're near your own kitchen, or get distracted by chores. Consider it part of your "getting ready" routine or at least schedule it as a way to break up your day. We often feel obligated to do chores when working from home because our partners or families know we've been home all day. Don't fall into that trap, or at least wake up at your normal time and spend the time you would have spent commuting doing a quick clean up!
Hope these are helpful! Now, let's get back to work!

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