April Actions: Evaluate, then Express Your Priorities

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This month, we evaluate our priorities, but not in the way we think. Most people have a pretty instinctive and clear idea of what is important to them. For most, it is similar—family, friends, and perhaps another external goal. However, when we interrogate our actions, these values may not come forth so clearly.

Ghandi said, "actions express priorities". In part, time spent on certain actions is a useful way to measure what’s important to us. We may find ourselves uncomfortable with finding out that reality TV is one of our priorities and adjust accordingly, spending more time with family or in nature. However, we have to look in the other direction. While equating value with time shows us if our time spent has been worthwhile, we also have to make sure our actions convey our values to others.

Are we making it clear to our loved ones that we do in fact value them? Even though we may go to work in order to provide for our families, do we also take the time to demonstrate care for them in our smaller actions? This month’s goals of evaluating priorities is a two-part process. First, we must reckon with whether we’re spending our time with the things we value, and if not, how we can change this. Secondly, we most confront whether our individual actions demonstrate our values as well.

Here would be a convenient time to invoke the golden rule, but even the golden rule is slightly selfish, using one’s self as the barometer for which to gauge reciprocity. This month, let’s take this an opportunity to evaluate how we express our priorities, and also to evaluate our expectations for ourselves.

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