5 Thoughtful and Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up folks. But not to worry, we have the eco-conscious gift ideas your mother will appreciate when you explain their added thoughtfulness! Everything we recommend are gifts that our mothers can appreciate every single day and will get sustained benefit from. Whether it's for her health or for the environment around her, these gifts will just make her feel good.

Thank us later when you're not scrambling for a gift idea only to settle for cut flowers and chocolates. What is this, Valentine's Day? We joke, we joke. Everyone (including the Karst Team) loves chocolate, but we'll pass on the cut flowers.

1. Air Pollution Absorbing Indoor Plant

Indoor Plants Karst

Instead, if your mum is one who loves plants but doesn't necessarily have a green thumb, get her a hardy plant that is also great for indoor air purification! Our top recommendation for this is a Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum), said to be harder to kill than keep alive. Other great plants for indoor are the Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum), Rubber Fig (Ficus elastic), and the Aloe Vera plant (A. barbadensis). In fact, Aloe vera is double amazing because on top of its skin health benefits, it is one of the few plants that absorbs carbon dioxide at night. Read more about great indoor plants from NASA's report on indoor air pollution abatement.

2. Sustainable Women's Supplements

TED2019 | Seed

Show mum you care about her well-being by getting her a Seed subscription! Seed supports your mum's digestive, skin, metabolic health and more with a complete synbiotic supplement for females that is heaps better than the yoghurt and kombucha drinks that claim probiotic benefits. 

We love Seed not just for the health benefits. Like us, they are committed to sustainability, using mushroom based packaging and corn foam pouches, and delivering refills in compostable packaging rather than new plastic bottles. Super proud to provide our Stone Paper Pocket Journals alongside them for this year's TED2019 Conference in Vancouver.

3. Monogrammed Everyday Items

Monogrammed Phone Case

For the mother who seems to have everything she needs, think about the everyday items that she uses and reuses every day. Perhaps if you can't get her something new, you gift her one that is monogrammed. Tons of brands and services offer monogramming, like select Muji outlets.

4. Durable, sustainable notebook

Stone Paper Notebook

For the mother who likes to keep her lists and tasks in a notebook, get her one that is durable enough to withstand the beating of being inside her purse. No notebook compares to Karst when it comes to its ability to take a beating, and mum deserves a notebook that works as hard as she does. She may love our Pocket Journal in Desert in particular. 

5. Skin, Earth, and Sleep-friendly Pillowcases

Ettitude | Karst

One of the top recommendations dermatologists make for improving skin without skincare is to regularly change your pillowcases. Get mum a water-saving, antimicrobial, better-for-the-plannet set of pillowcases from Ettitude. These pillowcases are silky-soft, putting even the highest thread count sheets to shame. The lack of friction against her face and hair during sleep will help reduce wrinkles and help hairstyles last longer! Ettitude is made in a sustainable process that reuses water and is made from a renewable material, bamboo. Start with the pillowcases, and upgrade your parents to a full sheet set for the holidays or as an anniversary present. 


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